Known for her work as a producer, composer and singer; Mariuca's primary projects are:

Mariuca writes, composes and produces scores for films, commercials and documentaries under her name Mariuca García-Lomas. She also works regularly for different music production companies such as Emi Records, Ultraphonic and Felt Music, among many others, and has had her music placed in commercials for brands such as NASA and Acnur and series like VIDA (Amazon, STARZ).
Some of her most recent work include soundtracks for:

Samurai and Me (2023) co-written with musical partner Ignacio Simón directed by Álvaro de la Hoz
IN SITU (2021) co-written with musical partner Ignacio Simón, a podcasts series by Podium podcasts
Rooms (2021) directed by Álvaro de la Hoz
Réplica (2020) directed by Álvaro de la Hoz
AZINHEIRA (2020) directed by Álvaro Gómez-Pidal

Founded in late 2015 in the UK by multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Ignacio Simón and Mariuca. Northwest has been defined as 'new and experimental' and compared to acts like Portishead, Radiohead, Broadcast, Debussy and Robert Wyatt, among others. Northwest gained media attention thanks to their unconventional way of releasing music, their enigmatic and cinematic live shows and their multiple collaborations with artists from different fields from dancers to costume designers.

Mariuk is Mariuca's solo music project. She is the producer, engineer, composer, singer and songwritter behind, as well as the art and film director of most of the videos and artwork.

Tempel Arts
In 2020, Mariuca and Ignacio Simón founded the label Tempel Arts as an umbrella under which they release all their musical and artistic endevours.

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