Illustration & Animation

In 2016 Mariuca is awarded with the famous VEGAP Illutration Grant for her personal project "Fotogramas: Portraits in Motion of the Human Condition".

This awarded piece explored the wide range of realities that human beings have to face on their way of self-discovery. The project was formed by 8 videos that blend traditional animation (each frame is drawn by hand) and rotoscoping techniques of a selection of movies scenes. A total of 750 hand-drawn illustrations were generated. The creative process itself (using old craft techniques) was a way for the artist to enhance the beauty of imperfection, the human touch, the imprecise stroke of the pencil, the non finito... and also reflect on what it means to use a more contemplative handcrafter work in a quick mass production prone world.


Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid, ES)

Sala Costello (Madrid, ES)

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