Although she has directed several music-videos, her most famous works are documentary films:

Hidden Glances (2017)
Mariuca García-Lomas co-writes with Gonzalo Hergueta the script for Hidden Glances, a short documentary that explores the work of Spanish master photographer Isabel Muñoz. The documentary was premiered at the San Francisco Doc Fest and projected in over 15 cinema festivals across all 5 continents. In 2018, the documentary was finally released online through the platform NOWNESS and voted one of the best contents of the web.

The Earth's Curvature (2013)
In 2013 Mariuca García-Lomas writes, directs and produces her first documentary film. A trip to a village of La Mancha, a poet, a foreigner, traditions, ruins, ghosts, a past and a present. The Earth's Curvature represents a personal evocative and poetic vision that invites the viewer to be a part of a journey, of random and spontaneous conversations and reflections on the passage of time, nostalgia and the literal as well as the figurative meaning of the curvature of the Earth. The film features the music of composer Ignacio Simón and the appearance of internationally acclaimed poet Dionisio Cañas.

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